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1. In order to validate this Limited Warranty, the original copy of this form, signed by the dealer and the purchaser, must be postmarked to Elite Metal Performance, LLC, no later than ten (10) days following the purchase of Tandem Tow Dolly. IF THIS SIGNED WARRANTY IS NOT POSTMARKED BY THE TENTH DAY AFTER PURCHASE OF THE TRAILER, ALL EXPRESS WARRANTIES SHALL BE NULL AND VOID.

2. Within five (5) days after discovering a problem with your Tandem Tow Dolly, return your trailer for inspection to your Elite Metal Performance, LLC dealer where you bought your trailer. Dealers are responsible for fixing minor problems without charge to you or the factory.

3. If your dealer cannot repair the problem free of charge and you want to file a claim under this Warranty, your local dealer must send to Elite Metal Performance, LLC, by registered letter or fax a limited warranty claim form, together with all required information, within ten (10) days of your discovery of the defect.

4. Elite Metal Performance, LLC will acknowledge such receipt of claim by registered letter to the dealer and to the claimant. Elite Metal Performance, LLC will respond as soon as possible, but no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the claim.

5. Any defective part(s) must be sent by prepaid freight to Elite Metal Performance, LLC, in order to qualify the claimant for replacement or reimbursement under this Limited Warranty. ANY DEFECTIVE PARTS MUST BE RETURNED TO ELITE METAL PERFORMANCE, LLC WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM DATE OF APPROVAL TO QUALIFY FOR REIMBURSEMENT.

6. Elite Metal Performance, LLC will not reimburse any claimant for any adjustment or repair of an Elite Metal Performance, LLC trailer without prior written approval by Elite Metal Performance, LLC.

7. If you return your trailer for repair to the factory, we will warrant the repair or replacement parts for a year from the date of repair. If authorized repair must be done other than at the factory, Elite Metal Performance, LLC, will not warrant such repair work or replacement parts.

8. Elite Metal Performance, LLC reserves the right to not pay unreasonable costs for replacement or repair of defects in Elite Metal Performance, LLC trailers and may, at it discretion, establish a reasonable reimbursement for any authorized work performed under the terms of this Limited Warranty. ELITE METAL PERFORMANCE, LLC MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY.

While Elite Metal Performance makes every effort possible to meet the delivery date shown, this date is subject to change. The Tandem Tow Dolly in manufactured as wide as highway regulations will allow. In keeping with said regulations, Elite Metal Performance has engineered the Tandem Tow Dolly to accommodate as many towing setups as possible. We do not promote the Tandem Tow Dolly as having enough clearance nor as being suitable for all vehicles. It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to determine if the vehicle they wish to tow is suitable for towing on the Tandem Tow Dolly. Elite Metal Performance, LLC shall not be held responsible of use with any particular vehicle or towing set up after purchase.